Massage Workshops

Would you like to learn how to massage properly?

Do you have a partner or friends and family that you would like to be able to give the gift of massage?

You may already have your own massage table but not sure of techniques to give a full body massage.  This workshop could be just the thing for you.  

I can teach you the basic techniques for giving a full body one hour massage.  This will include back, neck and shoulders, legs, feet, belly, chest, neck, face and head massage.  

What you will learn:

1. The Hawaiian rhythm of long flowing strokes, the HA breathe and energy flow for deep relaxation.

2. How to get the pressure right for deeper work in those tight areas.  Using hands,  forearms, and elbows.

3. Contraindications for when someone shouldn't receive massage

4. Learn some flying techniques and 7 Huna principles and how to apply in your life.

5. Basic chakra discussion

6. Draping, self-care and energy protection.

Over two days from 10am to 4pm, (plus a follow up) in Murrays Bay .

The training manual will be given. Grab a partner to learn with and add another string to your bow. A new adventure!

 Get the body moving and the energy flowing now.

For 2 people for 2 days $1200 ($600ea)
Clinic: Murrays Bay, Auckland
[email protected]
Tel: 021 0239 4165
Mon - 9am - 7.30pm
Tues - 9am - 7.30pm
Wed - 9am - 4pm
Thurs - 9pm - 5pm
Friday - 9am -5pm

Hours I work

Clinic: Murrays Bay, Auckland
Mon - 9am - 7.00pm
Tues - 9am - 7.30pm

Contact Me

[email protected]02102394165
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